INTRODUCTION In drama we have been exploring the idea behind immigration. Fleeing their homes they can no longer live in because of war. We have studied a young boy named Aylan Kurdi, a syrian refugee trying to escape war who was 3 years old and found early hours of the morning, 2 september 2015, washed […]

All fast asleep Miquel wakes up, takes the little food we have left from David’s pocket(McCoys) and eats it. He leaves the empty packet in my pocket before falling back to sleep. David wakes up, wanted his crisps but erupts with anger when he can not find them which awakens me and Miquel. With the […]

I would use hot seating to manipulate Foreman, he is in a awkward position as he is being told what to do and telling someone what to do. So the people below him are his responsibility so when the man gets the axe dropped on his head then he panicks. Before the king comes he […]

I step off the train on a roasting summers day. Its my birthday and id rather be with the lads up the football however I’m stuck in the middle of Chelsea waiting for my ex bird. She left her dog at mine but she reuses to come and pick it up, I cant stand it. […]

Pip is at the cemetery visiting his mum, dad and 5 siblings who are all dead when he encounters a convict. A dirty prisoner with shackles round his ankles, pip is told to get food and a file of hes sisters husband, joe gargery, the blacksmith or else he is dead.

Scene Summary Romeo is in a fairly good mood, he sees Balthasar expecting good news from Verona however he gets the complete opposite. Balthasar then delivers the devastating news that Romeos wife; Juliet is dead. Quote: “I sell thee poison, they have sold me none” This quote shows that money is more dangerous than poisen, […]

Act 4 Scene 3 Quotation Quote: “For I am sure you will have your hands full tonight” Explanation I think that Juliet is hinting something dramatic will happen that night. Act 4 Scene 4 Quotation: “Hold take these keys and fetch more spices, Nurse.” Explanation Lady Capulet is asking the nurse to prepare for the […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway